Procedure of inducting

Procedure of inducting interested Company in setting up R&D lab in IITH Technology Research Park

Step 1:

  • Details regarding existing relation/ working with IIT Hyderabad.
  • Details of area of expertise/ Technology in which the Company is interested.
  • Details of extent of space/ facilities required from IITHRP.
  • Detailed Letter of Intent (LoI)

  • Step 2:

  • Upon receipt of the details/ information listed in Step 1, an internal committee would discuss and evaluate the proposal of the Company
  • Subsequently, the details regarding area, facilities that can be provided are communicated to the Company. The details regarding credit point system, adherence to the same and other mandatory rules are also shared.

  • Step 3:

  • Upon Company‚Äôs acceptance to the above, the template of the agreement to be signed and entered with IITHTRP is shared.
  • Upon successful interactions/ discussions regarding the agreement, the final agreement Is prepared.

  • Step 4:

  • Upon signing of the agreement and subsequent payment of Security Deposit, the space for the R & D lab would be provided.