About Us


To achieve recognition for innovation, entrepreneurship & research excellence through industry-academia collaboration

To carry out perception for modernization, enterprise and exploration perfection through industry-academia collaboration. Inventions & Innovations are key words on which the foundation of Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) is based. A strong academic and industry integration in addition to excellence in academic research forms an integral part for achieving the same

IITH has developed a strategic framework developing multiple pathways linking knowledge generation, knowledge transfer and diffusion. Incubating firms and research companies are part of IITH vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial network


- Establish a world class innovation hub through industry-academia collaboration.

- Provide a strong and robust platform to foster innovations and entrepreneurship.

R & D Labs @ IITHTRP

  • Plianto Technologies
  • Redpine Signals Inc.
  • Qulabs Software
  • VerveSemi Microelectronics
  • Research Operations

    Working with Us

  • Will Install a leading-edge hub through industry-academia collaboration.
  • Will Enable two way flow of Knowledge & Resources.
  • Will Create a joint IIT Hyderabad-Industry Research & Development groups for durable impact.